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We at Website SEO Optimization Cape Breton, we have a team of professional Website Associates that will be able to help you rank #1 on Google as well as provide you with correct answers to your questions. SEO Optimization Cape Breton can explain the SEO process to you and we will provide you with guaranteed assistance for all your business needs. Depending on what keywords you want to rank high for and which niche or market your competition is located in, SEO Services Cape Breton will assist you with gaining the best results that you are looking to rank for.

With our SEO services, you are sure rank high for your chosen targeted keywords and with quick results. With Cape Breton SEO Services, there are many steps involved in making your website fully optimized in all search engines. We want to rank you as high as possible in all search engines in order to succeed in business and get more traffic, leads, and sales! If you are looking for SEO Services in Cape Breton, we have many trained SEO professionals that will be able to help you with your latest campaign.

With your help, and our SEO knowledge and experience, you are well on the way to ranking on Page #1 of Google. Then get the traffic and results that you are looking for. Please contact us today for Website Optimization Services in Cape Breton.


So what do most people search for in Cape Breton?

Most people immediately search for things like The Cabot Trail, restaurants, hotels, tours, and walking trails in the local Cape Breton area. So when putting together an SEO campaign for your business, we would focus for example on one of your keywords like “Cape Breton restaurants” which would narrow down the search immensely and would filter out all the other restaurants in the rest of the country and you would most likely land on page #1 of Google within a few short weeks. Now if you further define your keywords like Cape Breton Take Out“, this would focus the search just on the take-out restaurant businesses as opposed to sitting down in a restaurant somewhere. See how it works?

With a little SEO (search engine optimization) know-how, your site would not only land on page #1 of Google but also probably in the top 3-5 positions in a very short time. Now it’s getting interesting. So to move up in the ranking to hopefully the #1 position on Page #1 this is where we come in and work our SEO magic. We would  put together an SEO campaign that will see you gain ground and eventually surpass the competition.

An SEO campaign includes things like changes to your website, a bit of social marketing creating a linkwheel back to your website or landing page, and also creating social bookmarks which are called backlinks that tell Google that your site it important and should be indexed higher.

That being said, our job now is to put your company on Page #1 of Google when people search for your location and keywords. This usually takes a few short weeks and we often find that our clients sites land on page #1 of Google around the 3 month mark. As your sites popularity begins to grow, we suggest 3-6 months for maximum effect when ranking on Google and other search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plans and Pricing:

To ensure maximum search engines results we suggest the 6 month subscription plan. Choose one of the packages below to suit your business needs.

*You can cancel the subscription at any time. Please contact us if you have any SEO questions regarding your SEO plan.

Basic Package
Corporate Package
Dominator Package
5 Keyword Phrases 10 Keyword Phrases 20 Keyword Phrases
5 Pages Optimized 10 Pages Optimized 20 Pages Optimized
Meta tags (header, title, img) Meta tags (header, title, img) Meta tags (header, title, img)
1 Article/Month 2 Articles/Month 4 Articles/Month
1 Video Testimonial/Month 2 Video Testimonial/Month 4 Video Testimonial/Month
500+ Backlinks/Month 1500+ Backlinks/Month 3000+ Backlinks/Month
1 Press Release/Month 2 Press Releases/Month 4 Press Releases/Month
100+ Social Bookmarks 200+ Social Bookmarks 400+ Social Bookmarks
100+ Directory Submissions 200+ Directory Submissions 400+ Directory Submissions
Google Maps Google Maps Google Maps
Google Sitemap.xml File Google Sitemap.xml File Google Sitemap.xml File
Google Analytics Tracking Google Analytics Tracking Google Analytics Tracking
Monthly Ranking Report Monthly Ranking Report Monthly Ranking Report
Phone & Email support Phone & Email support Phone & Email support

What’s Included in Each SEO Package:

1. Regular pricing starts at $97-/mth and includes providing On Page SEO Changes, Article Writing Services, Off Page Services including a Backlinks Campaign which lets Google know just how important your website is. To sum up we will provide you with a month report with proven results.

2. Corporate Pricing starts at $197-/mth and includes all of the above services in the Regular Pricing Package but also includes Video Testimonial Creation Services and and more comprehensive Backlinks campaign.

3. Dominator Pricing start at $297-/mth and includes the following services. These are for companies wishing to totally dominate the competition! (PR9 Backlinks, .GOV Backlinks,Angela Backlinks,WIKI Backlinks,Blog Comment Backlinks, .EDU Link Pyramid,Google, Yahoo and Bing Indexing, High PR Directories Submission, Profile Pyramid Links, Social Bookmarking)

Try it for a month. You have nothing to lose. No yearly signup fees and you can quit at any time. We have over two dozen clients that have been with us for several years and have maintained their Google Page #1 position and in some cases are on Page #1 of Google and in Position #1!

Looking for quality SEO Services in Cape Breton?

SEO Cape Breton Provides Top Quality SEO Services in Cape Breton. Our SEO plans start at as low as $97/month for a maximum of targeted 5 keyword phrases. Our SEO Services for Cape Breton are fully customized based totally on your company’s business needs.

Do you want to achieve TOP rankings in Cape Breton (Canada)? Hire SEO Cape Breton to rank your website in TOP Search Engines Results (SERP) within 6 months. SEO Cape Breton provides services to all kinds of websites and business markets like Corporate, Real Estate, Ecommerce, Music Industry, Car Sales, Retail Sales, and Personal and Professional Blog Development.

We have helped 100s of clients rank better on Google Canada (Google.ca) and get more traffic, leads and sales!

  • Guaranteed Increase in Website Traffic
  • Guaranteed Ranking at the Top
  • Increase Sales/Leads
  • Unmatched Support

Why Hire SEO Cape Breton?

  • Guaranteed Results: If we don’t deliver the promised results each month then we will work for FREE!
  • Best affordable rates in Canada: We have the most affordable SEO rates without compromising SEO quality.
  • Proven Results: We have delivered proven results in various markets specifically in Canada.
  • 100% White-hat Methods: We provide 100% White-hat and Ethical SEO services in Canada.
  • Best SEO Service in Canada: We provide the best support and SEO services all over Canada.
  • Frequent updates: We will keep you updated each week via email with 24X7 Skype chat/call support.

Why we are better than any SEO Company based in Cape Breton?

  • Better Rates: We will beat any other SEO quotes by SEO companies in Cape Breton
  • Better Support: We provide you dedicated SEO professionals who only work on your SEO campaign until it is completed unlike other SEO firms in Cape Breton
  • Better Management: We use our proprietary project management software for better project management and communication
  • Better Resources: We provide you better resources to help you understand our SEO processes and methodology

SEO Cape Breton also provides web design and social media marketing services along with SEO to provide you the best possible options to get more traffic, leads, and sales for your company. SEO Cape Breton specializes in Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google Places, and various other software methods such as backlinks building to get your site to the top of the search engines.

With SEO Services Cape Breton you can see your webpage rank improve each month and usually for most of your keyword in TOP 10 on Page #1 within 3-4 months. SEO Cape Breton guarantees 100% white-hat ethical approach to SEO methods so you won’t have to worry about any penalty or ban from Google.

SEO Cape Breton follows a 70/20/10 Ranking Process for Success and proven results!

  • 70% of SEO success comes from backlinks building (Quality links pointing to your website)
  • 20% of SEO success comes from on-page optimization (Website Content, Meta-tag, Image Tags, Alt Tags, Anchor Text, etc)
  • 10% of SEO success comes from Social Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc)

Call SEO Cape Breton at 902.304.1302 or contact us to get a FREE SEO REPORT.