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Most people immediately search for things like The Cabot Trail, restaurants, hotels, tours, and walking trails in the local Cape Breton area.

So when putting together an SEO campaign for your business, we would focus for example on one of your keywords like “Cape Breton restaurants” which would narrow down the search immensely and would filter out all the other restaurants in the rest of the country and you would most likely land on page #1 of Google within a few short weeks.

Now if you further define your keywords like Cape Breton Take Out“, this would focus the search just on the take-out restaurant businesses as opposed to sitting down in a restaurant somewhere. See how it works?

With a little SEO (search engine optimization) know-how, your site would not only land on page #1 of Google but also probably in the top 3-5 positions in a very short time.

Now it’s getting interesting. So to move up in the ranking to hopefully the #1 position on Page #1 this is where we come in and work our SEO magic. We would  put together an SEO campaign that will see you gain ground and eventually surpass the competition.

An SEO campaign includes things like changes to your website, a bit of social marketing creating backlinks to your website or landing page, and also creating valuable social bookmarks that get your site shared with a larger audience.

That being said, our job now is to put your company on Page #1 of Google when people search for your location and keywords. This usually takes a few short weeks and we often find that our clients sites land on page #1 of Google around the 3 month mark. As your sites popularity begins to grow, we suggest 3-6 months for maximum effect when ranking on Google and other search engines.


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