Top 9 Most Effective Off-Page SEO Strategies

Top 9 Most Effective Off-Page SEO Strategies

Off-page SEO, also known as offsite SEO, is a set of techniques that optimize your site for search engines from the outside in. It includes activities such as SEO link-building, social media marketing, and more.

As one of the best white label SEO firms in Cape Breton, we will be able to provide top rank for your small business or tourism site on Google! We will incorporate the most creative and top ranking SEO strategy to help your website rank higher in search results on Google, month after month!

Here are the top 9 most effective off page SEO strategies for businesses looking to gain top SERP rankings on Google:

Off-Page SEO – Guest Blogging

When it comes to off-page SEO strategies, guest blogging can help in multiple ways. Firstly, it can reach new viewers and boost brand searches.

Secondly, it can also yield unlinked brand mentions. Unlinked brand mentions are a major part of off-page SEO as it helps search engines establish the relevance and trustworthiness of your website.

Lastly, it can also help increase your domain authority. Another great off-page strategy is content syndication.

Off-Page SEO – Social Media

As its name suggests, social media is an off-page SEO strategy that involves marketing your content on social media platforms. Social media marketing helps to increase the reach of your content and generates backlinks from high-quality sites.

Social media also helps to build your reputation and brand awareness. This is important because it can help you compete with larger enterprise brands in search engine rankings and even unseat them from their top position on Google SERP rankings.

Off-Page SEO – Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a great way to build up your backlinks and get your website exposed to new readers. It’s also an effective and cost-efficient way to promote your content.

The best part about this off-page SEO strategy is that it helps develop a relationship between bloggers, their blogs, and their audience. It also enables the valuable exchange of opinions and ideas about a particular article topic.

It’s important to use your full name when leaving a blog comment. This will help you avoid getting flagged as spam or blocked by moderators.

Submitting your Blog and Pages to Web Directories

When it comes to boosting your SEO rankings, off-page tactics play a crucial role. One such tactic is submitting articles to online article directories.

By submitting your website to web directories, you can earn quality backlinks and improve search engine visibility. However, you must ensure that the directory is relevant to your business.

Also, make sure that you submit to dofollow article directories for best results. You can track your progress using tools such as BrandMentions

Forum Posting

Forum posting is a great way to get backlinks and drive traffic to your website. However, it’s important to make sure that you’re only using high-quality forums.

Make sure that you’re using relevant keywords and that your content is engaging. This will help you rank higher in search engine results. It also helps to post in forums that are related to your industry. You can then drive traffic to your website by including a link in your signature.

Link Building

Links are the primary way that search engines and users navigate the internet. Getting reputable websites to link back to your content is one of the best ways to improve your website’s traffic and rankings.

These types of links are called do-follow backlinks and pass on authority from the linking site to your page, which can boost its ranking on Google SERP results. However, it’s important to note that this is only the case for high-quality content.

Always choose to work with an experienced SEO agency in Nova Scotia when link building, one that will create top level authority content. Working with a professional SEO company will not only raise your DR (domain rating) but increase your Google page rank and website traffic.

Press Releases

Off-page SEO is the other facet of search engine optimization, in contrast to on-page and technical SEO strategies that revolve around your website. It covers activities that help you establish your online presence, build credibility, and drive quality traffic.

Press releases are an excellent way to boost your brand’s image and your SEO. However, a recent study by Semrush found that using keyword-optimized anchor text in your press releases could cause your site to get penalized.

Reputation Management

One of the most underrated off-page SEO techniques is reputation management. It involves managing and responding to reviews and feedback on third-party platforms to help boost your website rankings, improve brand awareness, and grow your business.

You can also leverage question-and-answer websites like Stack Overflow, Quora, and Reddit to showcase your expertise on a topic and generate trust and relationships with potential customers. In essence, it’s the digital version of word-of-mouth marketing.


If you want your event listings, calendars, and events to appear in rich search engine results pages, it is important to have great overall website SEO. This will help you achieve better visibility and get more leads.

In addition to having great on-page SEO, you need an ironclad off-page SEO strategy to keep up with the competition. This includes utilizing a variety of content formats, such as blogs and videos, that align with your industry and audience.


Hire one of the most professional SEO Agencies in Cape Breton to rank your website in Top Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) within 3-6 months for your market and keywords.

We have provided SEO Services in Cape Breton for all kinds of small businesses and tourism operators like Corporate, Real Estate, Ecommerce, Music Industry, Car Sales, Retail Sales, Campgrounds, B&B’s, and Personal and Professional Blog Development.

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web design trends in 2022

Best Web Design Trends for 2022

There are probably just a handful of website that stuck out in your mind for 2021. Website that really captured the imagination as far as design and UX (user experience).

Well hopefully this trend continues on into 2022 and our design team at Cape Breton Web Design can capture all the benefits from the web development tools, tips and tricks that are coming down the pipe this year. Using videos and high resolution graphics are now expected on each and every design we create, so that is something we excel in and provide as part of every web design package.

After all, modern web design is our main focus for small businesses as well as for our tourism based clients in Cape Breton. We aim to create modern, mobile friendly website that get found easily on Google and other major search engines.

SEO has been one or our strong suits here at Cape Breton Web Design and Marketing, and we believe in our process and can prove it! Any SERP (search engine results pages) or SEO reports that we can sent to our SEO subscription clients have proven to have better search results from the month previous.

This is something we are proud of and it shows in Analytic reports as traffic numbers for our clients all increased in 2021. That is the name of the game. Optimize each website so that is brings in more search results, website traffic, leads and revenue. It is a formula we have used for many years for our web design clients, and we stand by it.

Latest web design trends for great UI UX design.

Visitor Engagement

We want our website visitors to be engaged with your website and stay on the site longer. To do this we need to provide a reason for them to stay on the pages longer.

If they find the content and answers they were looking for, they will stay on your site longer, read all the content they were searching for on Google, and may end up purchasing a product or service, if you are lucky.

So that is why you have to treat each design, each page, and each post with authority. Give users the answers they are searching for. Give them the high quality products they desire. Give them the professional services they are are looking for, locally. Then and only then will your website be successful, garner more website traffic, and awareness in the process.

Web Design Trends to Watch For in 2022

So there are some new trends that continue on from 2021 in the world of great looking web design. Here are a few we are watching out for in 2022.

  1. Hand drawn elements – visuals are better than text, so get drawing or creating graphics. Visual design goes a long way when keeping visitors on your site longer.
  2. Minimalism flat design – simple designs with lots of white space for UX, seem to be on the rise. Don’t ruin a great looking site with too many obtuse fonts, objects, animations, and loud colors.
  3. Dark Low Light – dark mode and low light seems to be trending for a lot of new websites this past year, mostly because some people find it easier to look at.
  4. Interactive 3D – These type of sites seem to be also on the rise as the artwork is more captivating and interested to a lot of web surfers out there.
  5. Gradient Colors – A lot of viewers seem to love the unique creative color patterns provided by this type of web design. So a little minimalist with a touch of gradient colors may work for certain businesses looking to capture just that certain feel for their products.
  6. Web accessibility – This is one of the most trendy influences in modern web design geared towards disabled people, so you should see a lot more of this going forward into 2022. Understanding how they navigate should be taken into consideration when designing a new site. Elements like auditory, visual, cognitive, motor and speech should be integrated and developed for the visually disabled.
  7. Interactive web design – Elements that are interactive such as quizzes, puzzles, feedback sections, questions, polls, reviews, and engaging graphics will keep visitors interested in your site for much longer. As a result the bounce rate is reduced as viewers are more curious to stay and be more interactive with your website as a whole. After all, isn’t that the goal?
  8. VR Virtual Reality – VR is now becoming a trend is all niches online. From product websites, to gaming, to real estate websites, virtual reality design is now a thing! Imagine getting a VR tour of a home before you buy it. You can see right off if you like it or now and won’t actually have to travel on location for a showing of the property.
  9. White Space – This form of UX web design has been popular and continues to be a popular form of design. Most visitors to your site usually like the site to be laid out with easy accessible menus, graphics and text that are not on top of each other and are pleasing to the eye. You will find that the content stands out much better and readability is vastly improved.
  10. Homepage Hero Section – The full hero section at the top header area of the home page is now more important that ever, as it immediately captures a viewers attention. It usually fills the top portion of the “above the fold” area of the site with banners, sliders, and just full services graphics that include a CTA (call to action), phone number, or some other design element. A hero image in the header area usually serves as a powerful communication tool that provides the main message quickly.

The Ultimate Goal of Great Web Design

Web design in general should be aimed at increasing the functionality and usability of each website with the focus on providing a great user experience for the website visitor, that ultimately keeps them on the site longer.

Web design trends tend to moving towards website becoming more interactive, user friendly, mobile friendly, and search engine friendly as we move forward. The evolution of modern website design seems to be geared towards solving a problem or providing a solution to a users search. Whether that be for information purposes only, or to sell a product or service, it doesn’t matter. A great design show always be the focus.

Create your website for the user not for a search engine. Oh yeah, if you do that, then you just may be rewarding with higher SEO points from Google, the top search engine that understands the web more than any other search engine.

There are many more tips on UX design and creating a successful WordPress website online!

increase website traffic

Top 10 Super Easy Ways to Change Your Web Design to Up Traffic

Here are the top 10 super easy ways to change your web design to up website traffic.

Is your website not getting the interest that you want — or that it deserves?

Lack of traffic can be a problem for new and established sites alike. After all, for any given webpage, there’s a plethora of competition. Advertising is one of the most often recommended ways to increase your website traffic.

But if you’ve already exhausted your advertising budget or you’re just looking for more organic ways to drive visitors to your site, this list of super easy ways to change up your web design in order to catch more viewers is for you!

1.  Build With Clean Code

Some web designers think that driving traffic is more about the content, less about the bones of the site. But they’re not entirely correct in that assumption.

Yes, content does play a big part in driving traffic — but if your site is built on clunky, slow-moving code that tends to malfunction or load incorrectly, it definitely isn’t going to help your traffic stats, either. Some pieces of code, such as some plugins, can actually keep search engines from crawling your site, or push the important keywords too far down the page so that the crawler doesn’t even see them. Both of these outcomes will also restrict your site’s ability to show up on search engines.

Building with clean, simple code that is designed and tailored for your site and which avoids malfunctions will help your site to get more traffic from the bottom up.

2.  Optimize Your Site For Fast Loading Speeds

Clean code and optimization also help with the loading speed of your site, which is another key aspect of its ranking on search engines such as Google.

The recommended page load time is two seconds at most. Google claims that they strive for under half a second.

If your site loads too slowly, it can cause visitors to back right out of there and go seek out a more optimized site. And that will affect your ranking, too.

On the other hand, the quicker the loading speed, the happier the visitor, the more traffic you’ll see.

3.  Prioritize UX

No matter what content your site hosts, it should be of secondary concern to the user experience that you offer. And there’s a simple reason for that: if you don’t provide a great user experience, your visitor probably won’t bother looking at your content.

Make sure that your site loads quickly, is easy to navigate, and that the content is legible. Don’t hide important information, like contact info or FAQs. If you can add value with user-friendly features, like infographics, videos, motion graphic designs, and other visuals, without compromising speed, then that is recommended to offer the best possible user experience to your visitor.

4.  Ensure Your Site Is Responsive

More and more internet browsers are accessing the web via their smartphones and tablets. Predictions say that nearly three quarters of the world’s internet-using population will be using solely their smartphone to access the internet within the next five years.

With that kind of information, it’s obvious that your site should be adaptive. Incorporating adaptability into your website design ensures that it shows up properly on all platforms, including tablets and phones. Without that responsive design, you run the risk of losing out on millions of smartphone user traffic.

5.  Learn The Art Of The Headline

We mentioned the importance of content earlier, and we’re going to start explaining exactly why it’s important from here on out. Sites like Buzzfeed have mastered the art of the clickbait title — it’s become something that people expect. That doesn’t mean that you have to go by the same formula as everyone else, but it does mean that you should put thought and effort into your titles and headlines.

On top of that, structure your content with subheadings. This makes it easier to read, which improves your user experience, and also appeals to Google’s ranking algorithm.

6.  Use Internal Links To Other Content

Your site isn’t an island — it should have plenty of content to share, in order to attract the most attention from the most people.

Creating internal links to other pieces of content on your site is a fantastic way to make your content work for you over and over again. Creating hyperlinks within your content works well — as long as the links open in a new tab — or you can use footers that highlight similar content that may interest your reader. Driving traffic isn’t just a case of bringing it in from outside — it’s still a goal once your visitor has landed on your page.

7.  Include Video Content

We’ve all seen about a hundred cat videos — and yet, if a new one pops up on our feed, are we able to look away? Not unless we’re exceptionally strong!

Video content is a big deal, and the demand for video continues to increase. With millions of internet users watching videos every single day, more than half of them are clamoring to see even more from brands or businesses that they like.

In short, adding videos to your website is bound to be a crowd pleaser — and drive traffic.

8.  Make It Easy To Share

Just about the only thing we like more than watching those cat videos is sending them to our friends so they can watch them, too. If we like content, we want to share it.

Make it easy for your visitors to share your content, whether written or visual, and they will help you to drive traffic by spreading the word. Include share buttons on articles, blogs, graphics, and videos. This is one of the easiest additions to your web design, but it can make one of the biggest impacts.

9.  Don’t Give Up On SEO

We’ve been talking about the importance of SEO for so many years that it almost seems like it can’t really be that big a deal anymore — but it is! SEO keywords have a huge impact on your searchability and how often you pop up on a web crawler, and they’ll help your potential visitors to realize that your site is worth a click and a read.

We’ve been talking about the importance of SEO for so many years that it almost seems like it can’t really be that big a deal anymore — but it is! SEO keywords have a huge impact on your searchability and how often you pop up on a web crawler, and they’ll help your potential visitors to realize that your site is worth a click and a read.

10.  Update And Republish Content

A final way to boost traffic is to recycle content — but not just by reposting the same old thing. Update your blog articles, add new graphics, include a video, put in new links — statistics indicate that doing this can boost your organic traffic by 106%.

This can be built into the overall design of the website by including a content managing system, or CMS, which allows you to cycle through your content without too much extra time spent creating new posts and pieces. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Author Bio

Maria Anton is a freelance content specialist who likes to help brands develop and grow. She writes about marketing, branding and advertising but open to other business topics as well. In her free time, she crochet knick knacks for her kids.


On-Page SEO for better Google Search Results

On-Page Integration for Best SEO Practices..

With the help of proper on-page SEO integration, we run regular SEO backlinks campaigns for our clients as it states on our website. We find that anything that is “follow” or .edu related works well. Have to be careful of Google Panda/Penguin these days so we try not to create bulk backlinks esp. ones that are not related to the website content in question.

Example #1:

keywords: cape breton web design, web design cape breton
This is one of our clients and is on Page #1 of Google for it’s chosen niche and keywords.

Example #2:

keywords: iphone game developer canada, iphone games london Ontario, Canada iphone game developer

Sign up for Local SEO Services..

Local-SEO-ServicesPlease choose the following links to sign up to give our proven service a try. If you like the way things work out after a suggested 3-6 month SEO campaign, we can talk about ramping up all your clients.

Here are a few trusted and local SEO companies to choose from:


Got More Questions?

Ask a professional Maritime SEO Consultant – Contact Us


Cape Breton Blogging Tips for Beginners

blogging tips for beginners

Starting a new blog wherever you are is no longer a hard task. Many new bloggers jump into the blogging field mostly because they are passionate about something or simply want to share their Kayak business or band website with the world.

Others just want to try something new and this is fine because it is really easy to get into as most blogs are built on the WordPress platform which is basically free. Add some content, a few pictures, a video, a couple social media plugins to give it a customized feel, and a way you go.

It wasn’t quite this easy back in the day (1990’s) when I personally had to secure a web hosting account locally, purchase web design tools and spend countless days just to put up the simplest of websites. A discussion for another time perhaps? I feel like this is the second or third coming of the web.. well I guess that’s where Web 2.0 comes in…. or Web 3.0 if you believe that Social Media or Social Networking has taken the web hostage.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. Most bloggers still get frustrated these days and quit very soon no matter if you are putting together a Cape Breton music site or tourism site.

So I decided to share this post “Cape Breton Blogging Tips for Beginners” to help out fellow bloggers in Cape Breton or anywhere you may be across Canada as well as globally.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t started a blog yet, or if you’re a professional blogger or ghost blogger. Just follow some of the basic blogging tips below and it can make a big difference in in your overall blogging experience.

  1. Plan your blog carefully before starting.
  2. Choose your blogging market wisely; choose a niche in which you are expert and speak from experience.
  3. Register a unique and easy to remember domain name for your blog from GoDaddy or NameCheap.
  4. Signup with some affordable and cheap Web hosting like Hostgator.
  5. Use WordPress, It’s the best blogging platform with lots of features like free themes and plugins for SEO and Social Media.
  6. Choose a simple fast loading theme for your blog. I recommend Elegant Themes and WooThemes for their design appeal.
  7. Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as it is important that your viewers and audience find you easily on the web.
  8. Be authentic and don’t copy from anyone else’s website or blog. Always post unique content with your keywords and anchor text.
  9. Build a strong Social Presence by adding plugins for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and other social media marketing avenues to your blog to increase your online presence.
  10. Update your blog regularly or you will lose followers. Publish something that your viewers will love and want to share on Facebook.
  11. Start guest blogging or ghost blogging by writing guest posts on other blogs to increase your website traffic, Backlinks and exposure.
  12. It’s OK to dream big, but set goals and stick to them until all your steps are achieved.
  13. Don’t choose topics from other blogs but be original and stick to your niche and personal experiences.
  14. Build a mailing list to grow your fan base. It is really important. Use LocalFans.netemail marketing service, it’s free up to 2000 subscribers and it’s cheaper than aweber.
  15. Keep your posts simple and write for readers and not the search engines. Readers are the ones who can make your blog post go viral.
  16. Be kind and try to solve the problems of your readers. Provide them with tips and helpful advice. A funny story with video and silly pictures never hurts. Keep it light and funny and your readership will grow quickly.
  17. Blogging requires a lot of time and is never an over night success. Be passionate about what you write and it won’t seem like work.
  18. Don’t overload your website/blog with plugins and widgets. Use a simple clutter-free minimalist theme.
  19. Link to other Cape Breton blogs because more often, they will return the favor.
  20. Ask the opinions of your readers. It will spark a commentary back and forth and may want others to get involved in the discussion.
  21. Read and reply to every comment on your blog because no one wants to get left out. Keep the conversation going. It’s important!
  22. Reply to most emails that you get from blog readers. It is here that you can try to help them as much as possible. They have taken the time to write so write back.
  23. Remember your readers are here to check out your latest post and don’t want to be looking at ads or popups. Don’t post too may ads.
  24. Make your own images and don’t just copy them from other websites. You can use free images on Google if they don’t don’t have a watermark or copyright stamp on them.
  25. This is important. Quality of your content (articles, videos, press releases) matters, not quantity. Write the best content you can and put a lot of detail in the article with pictures and a video or two if you have them. I make my own videos all the time and put them on YouTube. Some of them have gone viral such as “Moose falls on Ice” last year. I think right now it is close to 300K hits.
  26. Subscribe to other websites and blogs in your market or area of interest. Don’t just focus on your attention and time on your blog. Interact with other blogs and when you do, don’t forget to post a link back to your own blog. This builds valuable authority backlinks.
  27. Add other pages in your blog such as the About Us, Contact, Sitemap, or Portfolio pages.
  28. Build your following by adding funny pics, contests, recipes, etc and your readers will reward you by sharing your posts.
  29. Don’t quit blogging just because it’s tough or you can’t figure something out. One of my favorite sayings is.. “Google is your friend”.
  30. If you really get stumped on something and can’t find it in Google, help is just around the corner. Simple post on Facebook and others will come to your aid. Also don’t be afraid to ask questions, that’s how most of us learn. One step ahead, never quit!

cape breton web designNeed a little help with your next web design project or help with social marketing or SEO? Contact a web expert with over 15+ years of experience in the business at support@webdesigncapebreton.com

The web design process usually begins with a free consultation which gives us both an opportunity to share information in order to come up with a website tailored to your organizations needs. Just have a couple of questions? Feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Quotes and Questions are free 🙂

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Allister MacGillivray Will Be Invested Into the Order of Canada December 2013

Great news for a famous Cape Bretoner!

Allister MacGillivrayAllister MacGillivray  will be Invested into the Order of Canada on December 13, 2013. The Office of the Secretary to the Governor General is pleased to announce that a “live” webcast of the Order of Canada Investiture ceremony will be available on December 13, 2013, at 10:30 a.m. (Eastern standard time). Please tune in at www.gg.ca,

At 12 noon on December 14 (2013), the lilting strains of “Away From The Roll Of The Sea”, penned by Allister MacGillivray back in the 70’s, will resound from The Peace Tower on Parliament Hill in our nation’s capital. The official carilloneur, Andrea McCrady, has offered to perform the song on the clock tower’s massive 53-bell, multi-tonne mechanism in honour of Allister’s visit to Ottawa to receive the Order Of Canada.

As an added bonus, the MacGillivray family has been invited to sit with Dr. McCrady in the belfry during her performance of the work.

One proud Caper to another… Good on ya Allister!!

About Allister MacGillivray:

Allister MacGillivrayAllister MacGillivray: renowned songwriter, guitarist, record producer, folklorist and author from the Island of Cape Breton in the province of Nova Scotia, in eastern Canada. He was born and raised in the coal-mining/fishing town of Glace Bay. His grandparents on the MacGillivray side were Gaelic-speaking, and various cousins played violin, guitar or accordion at weekly family-music-sessions — before the intrusion of television.

Following graduation from St. F.X U. in Antigonish, he toured two years with a trio headed by Cape Breton folksinger John Allan Cameron. Besides its own dedicated following, the group opened for Anne Murray and The Irish Rovers, bringing the house down in a 1970 appearance at “The Grand Ole Opry” in Nashville, Tennessee.

On “Ceilidh”, Cameron’s Canadian national television program, Allister served as guitarist and musical director.

During the mid seventies, Allister performed as a full-time guitarist with the Irish/Newfoundland group Ryan’s Fancy, which toured Canada and Ireland.

He recorded and co-produced several albums with this trio, and again was musical director on both regional and national television programs.

At this point his songwriting career began to blossom. Ryan’s Fancy recorded Allister’s “Sea People”, “Tie Me Down” and “Coal Town Road”, and the group featured “Song For The Mira” during many of their live performances.

A particular highlight of Allister’s performing career was accompanying Irish superstars Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy, in television series and several extended tours of the eastern United States and Canada.

Allister left “the road” around 1980, choosing to settle in rural Cape Breton to concentrate on an eclectic career of songwriting, composing and documenting the Cape Breton experience.

During the last several years, Allister has worked as researcher and artistic director on a series of short films on the Cape Breton style of traditional Scottish fiddling (see the Highland Legacy DVD), and continued his intuitive songwriting.

Among the recent honours he received:

  1. •The province of Nova Scotia “for the gift of music and promoting Celtic culture”
  2. •The Cape Breton Tourist Association “for writing beautiful songs which promote the traditions, the culture and the heritage of Cape Breton”.
  3. •Official Bard of Clan MacGillivray, Canada
  4. •Honorary Doctorate of Letters from The University College of Cape Breton, May 1997


Today, Allister MacGillivray lives and works on Cape Breton Island with his wife, Beverly, and two children (Ciarán & Fiona of the Celtic band, The Cottars).



Benefit from These Web Design Social Tools

social media toolsSome new social media and social networking companies may become the giants of tomorrow like Twitter or Pinterest. And it is for this reason that it is worth checking out some of the new tools for social media marketing.

Your Cape Breton web design business will benefit right now if you invest some time in searching out and testing some of these new social media tools.

By creating a fantastic looking website and interconnecting it with several social networking sites, your message can be potentially shared with millions of people. Some of these tools are designed to share locally, and are great for aspiring musicians, artists and photographers alike.

social media marketing expert

    1. BeFunky. This is an Instagram competitor and is both a social media and software app. This easy-to-use social tool lets you modify your photographs using a wide variety of built-in filters and overlays. When you have got your pics the way you want them, use this tool to share them on Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and Twitter. There’s also a BeFunky gallery where you can display your best photos. A basic account is free, but limits the use of higher resolution. Paid premium accounts are also available.
    2. Bloomfire. This is a community based social tool and is really all about sharing information. It is not free at the moment although they do offer a free trial. Technically, the social media company refers to their product as a knowledgebase, not as social networking site. It also integrates and shares your info with many established social networking sites, if you choose to do so. This type of paid sharing site may well be the future of online social communities.
    3. Branch. The purpose of Branch is to create high quality conversations thru social sharing similar to the typical status updates found on most social media sites today. The social connect platform makes use of other social media tools like Twitter. Altho users can see all conversations, you must be invited to participate. You can then share the conversation,  embed the conversation into a post.
    4. Flipboard. This is a mobile friendly app that lets you aggregate your online favorite social network posts in a simple magazine style format. It really is a new twist on social bookmarking and is designed for a mobile environment.
    5. Ghost. Ghost is an open source blogging platform that launched in 2013. The concept is to make blogging and journalism easier and more accessible and is also mobile-friendly. Right now it is free and is designed to compete directly with WordPress. Keep an eye on this on as it has some pretty big names behind it.
    6. Inbound.org. This site is content based merely on inbound marketing related topics such as SEO, article marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing. This social tool works in conjunction with Twitter and you can actually use your Twitter account to create an account and sign in.
    7. Medium. Medium is a new collaborative writing platform founded by some of the same folks who originally created Twitter. Like many of the new social media networks out there, it is a unique new way of presenting your ideas to the mass media.
    8. Nextdoor. This social media network tool is limited to those who live in your neighborhood, which is not necessarily a bad thing if you are into SEO and advertising your product or service on the local level. Getting to know your closest neighbors is a great idea from a business perspective.
    9. Pheed. This free mobile social micro-blogging platform, popular with teens, was launched in 2012 and allows users to share a wide variety of information including images, videos, texts, audio, and more. It can aggregate all your social media posts in one location. Most users tend to like either the slick and easy-to-use interface or the ability to promote and sell content. It also has the reputation of being popular with teens.
    10. Sgrouples. It’s main strengths lie in its ability to create social groups with a strong commitment to privacy. In fact, their commitment to privacy is a big part of their online brand. You can use the platform’s group feature to connect with clients, colleagues, or prospects as well as friends and family. This social tool includes personal cloud storage for each user as well as the ability to aggregate content from other social media sites like Facebook.
    11. SlideShare. Having been founded in 2006, SlideShare’s not exactly new, but was designed to create presentations to be  embedded in blogs and making their way onto other social media platforms. Maybe because SlideShare partners with most social media platforms is the reason this tool is large, with over 51+ million viewers a month and counting. It is widely used by everyone from the White House to NASA.
    12. Thumb. This mobile social site was designed for artists, photographers, and musicians alike. The goal of Thumb is to allow people to ask questions and get quick answers. When you log in you are immediately given the opportunity to ask for an opinion or give an opinion in various categories. Art, Design & Photography is a category. You can also participate by voting (thumbs up, thumbs down, or neutral).
    13. Vine. This new mobile social tool from the owners of Twitter allows you to create and share short videos which are  limited to under seven seconds. Once a video is created, it can be shared and then posted on Vine, Twitter, or Facebook. This social tool was recently updated and is not only gaining in popularity, is still free.


If I missed any new social media marketing tools or new social networking sites then feel free to mention it here in the comments section.



Moose Falls on Face – The Power of Social Media

Moose Falls on Face in Cape Breton – Goes Viral!

This is an example of the power of social media and sharing your message, product or services on the web. This is what we can do for you! Start off with something funny or worthy of sharing by friends and family. Then get it into the right channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and yes right on your website, assuming you have one.

This is where we come in. Cape Breton Web Design can create your website as well as all your social media accounts and interlink them as to create a linkwheel effect. This is great for SEO and getting found in search engines as well as making your product or website go viral!

Contact Tom at support@webdesigncapebreton.com with any web design or social media questions.

© Copyright Tom Mills – Moose video can be shared but not downloaded or edited in any way.

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So How Big Is The Web?

Well…there are more than 150 billion searchable indexed web pages on the Internet!

That’s right! Check out some of the new infographic stats from Bloxx that shares more on just how big the Web has become.

Some of our favorite highlights include: 

– If you downloaded every bit of Web content from your computer, it would take 11 trillion years.

– If you packed 450 2-terabyte storage drives into a single 8’ x 10’ room, you’d need 1,000 drive-packed rooms to equal the estimated “Exabyte” of data on the Web

– The amount of data traveling over the Internet in just three minutes is the digital equivalent of every motion picture ever made in the last 120 years.

“Our ‘Big Web’ infographic shows the dramatic size, and threat, of accessing the more than 700* million Web sites offering some trillion terabytes of data,” said Charles Sweeney, CEO of Bloxx, a Web content filtering and email security company. “Next generation real-time Web content filters that analyze and categorize the content of web pages at the point-of-request, are the only way to stay ahead of the avalanche of new, and often malicious, sites created every day.”

*reference material from Website Magazine


Recent stats from Worldwidewebsize.com show the following information:

The Indexed Web contains at least 2.96 billion pages (Wednesday, 06 November, 2013).
The Dutch Indexed Web contains at least 214.08 million pages (Wednesday, 06 November, 2013)

How is the size of the World Wide Web (The Internet) estimated?

The estimated minimal size of the indexed World Wide Web is based on the estimations of the numbers of pages indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo Search. From the sum of these estimations, an estimated overlap between these search engines is subtracted. The overlap is an overestimation; hence, the total estimated size of the indexed World Wide Web is an underestimation.

Since the overlap is subtracted in sequence, starting from one of the four search engines, several orderings (and total estimations) are possible. We present two total estimates, one starting with Bing (BG) and one starting with Google (GB). The figure reported at the top of the page refers to the GB estimation.

So just how fast is the internet growing then?

There are a few governing bodies and there is no real central control system for the Internet. No one really knows with 100% certainty exactly how many websites exist or just how many new websites are set up each day.

However, a few organizations do make it their business to keep an eye on the domain names that make up the Internet as the web continues to grow. Although their data isn’t infallible, it does give us a pretty good idea of the size and growth of the web.

This trend is true worldwide especially in Canada where there are now many more local brands and companies starting up each day. If you are looking to get a website built by a professional in Canada look no further than Cape Breton Web Design. We’d be happy to help with your Cape Breton Website needs.


Getting Exposure for Your Website

After you’ve got your website designed and online the next step is to get it in front of as many people as possible, especially if you are a business.  This can actually be the most difficult part of the web development process, so we’ll cover a few details here along with some tips and suggestions for getting your website noticed in Nova Scotia.

Create a Unique Design:

web design tips and tricksIf you have a new website that looks great and you want to get a lot of traffic and links, then there are countless web design gallery sites out there such as CSS Mania, Best Web Gallery, SiteInspire, CssDsgn that exist for the purpose of showcasing great web design companies. You can submit your site for consideration and if it gets approved you can get instant exposure and links. The website traffic that you get directly from these galleries will mostly be other designers who are browsing the galleries for inspiration.

Despite the fact that these visitors might not fall into your target audience this can still be a helpful thing because of the networking factor. It can be a way to get valuable backlinks to your site that will eventually help with SEO (search engine optimization). Also, many of the websites that get showcased in these galleries will also be showcased on various other web design blogs as a result, leading to even more backlinks and website traffic.

In order to get backlinks and website traffic from web gallery sites and web design blogs you’ll need to create a well design website high in quality that stands out from the competition. Take your time and don’t rush thru with the web design part. Then, when it comes to submitting your website it can be a little time consuming so get a professional social media company to do the work for you at minimal costs. If you don’t mind spending a few advertising dollars to save time, you can pay for a service SocialFanExpert.com to do the job of Social Media Marketing as well as SEO services for you.

Include a Blog To Get More Traffic:

One of the best ways to get website traffic to your website is to include a blog. If you’re using say WordPress as your main CMS, the blogging and posting functionality will already be included and is very simple to use. Website Blogs are great for building traffic from search engines and also connecting with the various social networking sites out there like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Need Help With Social Media Marketing?

order social media servicesSocial media and social networking are a great source of traffic for your website or your blog. The first step is to get us help you build social profiles and get them linked to your website.

After this you can just watch your traffic double right off the bat! Most social network sites will allow you to link social account right to your website and then use connect code to view fan profiles, posts, likes, etc, so take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Whether you have social profiles or not, you may just need help with the promotion part. That’s where we come in. We are a Social Media Marketing company located in Canada and can help you get more traffic by connecting you website with the world. Contact us today – http://socialfanexpert.com